A Beginner’s Guide To: Marijuana Growing Methods

As a budding grower (pun intended), it’s a daunting task to take that initial first step. Not only is there an overwhelming amount of literature and video content you need to watch for research, but there are many variables for you to account for. What lights should you use? What type of fan do you get? What fertilizer to use? What can you do with the space in your apartment? One of the most important variables in this equation is your growing method. Depending on your budget, living space, and outdoor room, the answer to that question is different. Which is why we’ve compiled this list that introduces you to the various methods of growing so you can choose which one works best for you!


Growing with soil is the most basic and cost-effective method to growing. It is what we would recommend for beginner’s who intend to grow a small batch for practice and personal use. Dirt is easier because you have can use the soil and fertilizers found at your local home improvement stores. With this method you have to be wary of using local soil as it may not have the proper nutrients required for growing, so it’s a safer bet to purchase commercial growing soil unless you have specific nutrient requirements.

The Verdict: Soil is great for beginner’s, it’s cheap, and it’s easy. Be wary of non-commercial growing soil’s, and that the yield for soil is lower than the other growing method’s.

Rock Wool/Coco Fiber

This method has been increasing in popularity over the past 5 years or so. They offer a similar grow method to soil, without the mess and inaccuracy of nutrients that soil can sometimes offer. They cost about the same as soil, they usually yield a bigger harvest, and is just an overall easier process than soil. The only downside is the requirement of liquid fertilizers that are more expensive and require more steps to apply.

The Verdict: Offer’s all the advantages of soil-growing, without the mess. Downside is expensive fertilizer’s and can be a little laborious to find rock wool/coco fiber near you.


Aside from soil, Hydroponics is the most popular method to growing. More complex and expensive to set-up, this method is for advanced growers who want to customize the nutrient intakes of their plants. Different strains work with different nutrient combinations to have different THC levels, flower yields, and overall plant life/quality. Hydroponics usually requires growers to use troughs that flood with water and nutrients at specific times. This method does not use soil or any alternatives such as coco fiber. The upside to this method is that it produces much bigger yields and is relatively easy to maintain after the initial set-up. The downside is the larger up-front cost of more equipment, more work in setting up the irrigation system and specialized fertilizer that can be expensive.

The Verdict: Highly efficient method of growing that offers bigger yields and better quality. Downside is that it requires more equipment, work and experience. It’s a good method for high-volume growing and is an advisable method for businesses who aim to grow in a commercial sense and who have money to invest in all of the necessary equipment.

Those are the three basic and widely-used methods to growing cannabis. Like I said in the beginning, the method depends on multiple factors and some methods might be better than others depending on your situation. If you’re a beginner, we suggest the soil method. Good luck!

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