Three Awesome Fertilizers for Beginners

When growing any kind of plant, the quality of light, water and soil they receive is highly influential to their growth. Growing marijuana is no different. If you want healthier plants, a bigger harvest and higher quality buds you need to focus on the light, water and soil. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best fertilizer’s for growing. Fertilizers are essential to the quality of the plant’s harvest. Which means if you want an even bigger harvest and higher quality buds, the fertilizer you choose is essential. Fertilizers are comprised of three important chemical compounds, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Nitrogen is essential for the growing stage while phosphorus and potassium are important for the flowering stage. Each brand of fertilizer uses different mixtures and compositions to achieve different results. While different situations call for different fertilizer’s, this list is made up of three fertilizers that can work with a variety of marijuana strains. Note that these fertilizers listed are mainly for growing methods utilizing soil.

Fox Farms Trio

Fox Farms is a great brand to use for newbie growers as they work with any strain, have a great balance of nutrients and even have different fertilizers for all the different growing methods! Popular and reliable, Fox Farms is a great fertilizer for all growers. Get their products here.

Flower Power

Flower Power is a Danish brand that’s gained popularity in all types of growing communities, not just cannabis growers. They offer fertilizers for different stages of the growing process instead of having an all-for-one mix like Scott’s Miracle-Gro. A little bit higher difficulty in applying their product, but it gives you better results if done right. Their website is a great resource if you need to learn how and when to use their products. Shop for Flower Power here.


Useful in all types of growing mediums, Dyna-Gro is another versatile liquid fertilizer. Their Liquid-Grow and Liquid-Bloom products are what you would use, obviously using one for the growing stage and the other for the flowering stage. What’s great about these is that they’re simple to use and can be used for the entire grow-cycle! Buy their stuff here.

While we gave you three solid brands to choose from, keep in mind each plant and strain is different. And that the light and water that your plants receive are just as impactful as the nutrients you feed it. Don’t burn your plants with too much light and don’t drown them with too much water! Remember too that some fertilizers might work well with a certain strain and some might ruin other strains. The best advice it to simply start growing, make a bunch of mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. With each mistake being a learning experience, you’ll be a master grower in no-time!

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